Your Most Valuable Resource: An Invested Team. Building Your Client Service Culture is the Best ROI.

A few things I've learned that have helped me be my best: (1) Be unapologetic in your approach to self-improvement, and take a personalized approach to team development. (2) You have time for what you prioritize. Block team development and coaching off on your calendar just like any other priority, and it’s non-negotiable. (3) The more knowledgeable and cohesive and empowered your team feels when they interact with your clients, the better. It's how great client service "just happens." Check out this write-up, featured in BKR.

Elaine Nelson December 23, 2019

It was a pleasure to recently sit down for an interview and discuss my perspectives our client service culture. I am energized every day to come to work with such great people on my team! Check out this story, featured in BKR.