With 60+ experience advising small and mid-sized businesses, DS+B pulls together the right blend of specialized accountants, consultants, tax advisors and valuation specialists for your business transactions, M+A or due diligence service needs.

A certified business valuation can add clarity and help you objectively understand the fair market value of the business. In other cases, a valuation consulting engagement can give you the insight to plan for a future sale without the expense of a full valuation opinion. Our goal is to apply the appropriate level of service with your outcome in mind.

Specialists + Services

Business Valuation

What is my business worth? A straight-forward question that can have a complex answer. To maximize the value of your business prior to its sale, or make an informed decision about purchasing a business, you need an accredited, experienced team that will help educate you about all your options. DS+B, with valuation credentialed professionals, is ready to discuss your goals and the transaction process in mind.

How Much Financial Due Diligence is Right for Buying a Business?

If you're looking to buy or acquire a business, chances are you know about due diligence. How do you know that you have done enough to feel confident that a business you are buying is a good investment or will provide you the earning potential you think it will? Don’t wait until you’re at the table. DS+B can help you navigate the business buying process from start to finish and achieve your favorable outcome.

Business Sale + Tax Planning Services

Is it time to cash in on a successful business you’ve built from the ground up? With such large stakes involved in the selling of middle market or small businesses, the need for in-depth financial expertise is critical. As a seller, you can rely on our team expertise to best position the sale in terms of tax consequences, structuring, payouts and eventual transition.