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1) In what states does the company conduct general business activities such as holding a certificate of authority or maintaining an in-state bank account, phone number, or P.O. Box?

2) In what states does the company make remote sales followed by an agent or employee’s presence in the state to perform activities such as installing or delivering property?

3) In what states does the company attend a trade show, make a sale while temporarily in a state or conduct a seminar?

4) In what states does the company hire a third party to perform activities such as warranty services, advertising, or collections?

5) In what states has the company entered into advertising agreements with in-state website operators; paid for advertisements on in-state websites on a per impression or per click basis; or owned, leased or occupied space on a web server, or network or servers, located in the state?

6) In what states does the company deliver goods in company-owned trucks, back haul?

7) In what states has the company hired a third party to perform solicitation activities in the state such as distributing promotional materials, soliciting sales, or negotiating prices?

8) In what states does the company perform a taxable service in another state and then deliver it to an in-state customer; visit or store property in the state as an incidental part of the taxable service?

9) In what states does the company charge fees for an in-state customer to access non-downloadable prewritten software or information on a website?

10) In what states is the company registered with state agencies or departments for a variety of activities, such as qualifying to transact business as a foreign corporation, or holding a general business license or specialty license issued by the state?

11) In what states does the company deliver or distribute goods to an in-state customer on behalf of an out-of-state manufacturer, or contract with an in-state manufacturer to fulfill orders or process returns?

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The “Nexus Risk Review,”  [“Nexus Report” or “Free Nexus Risk Review”] is not intended by DS&B, Ltd. to be used, and cannot be used, by a client or any other person or entity for the purpose of avoiding tax penalties that may be imposed on any taxpayer. Our risk assessment is based on information from Bloomberg BNA’s annual Survey of State Tax Departments, in which Bloomberg BNA asks an official from each state whether a particular activity performed within a state’s borders would, by itself, be sufficient to trigger income tax nexus and reporting and payment obligations. While the responses are generally indicative of each state’s policy, they should not be relied upon as legally binding policy statements.

DS&B, Ltd. will respond to your online submission with a Nexus Risk Review and by analyzing information you voluntarily submit via this online form; however, this does not constitute a business engagement with DS&B, Ltd. For any additional services, such as a “Nexus Study,” or tax advice, a separate engagement letter will be provided, should you choose to proceed further with additional services from DS&B, Ltd. The information discussed during the Nexus Risk Review is of a general nature and based on authorities that are subject to change. Readers are reminded that they should not consider the Nexus Risk Review to be a recommendation to undertake any tax position, nor consider the information contained therein to be complete.

Before any item or treatment is reported or excluded from reporting on tax returns, financial statements or any other document, for any reason, readers should thoroughly evaluate their specific facts and circumstances, and obtain the advice and assistance of qualified tax advisors.

The information discussed during your Nexus Risk Review, with a DS+B tax professional, may not continue to apply to your situation as a result of changing tax laws and associated authoritative literature, participants are reminded to consult with their tax or other professional advisors before determining if any information contained is applicable to their unique facts and circumstances.