In every financial statement we prepare, the goal is to give you a clear picture of the financial health of your business or organization so you can make decisions with confidence. We help you understand the level of detail or set of standards that are required, based on who will be using your financial statements. That’s why with each client we create a tailored solution that begins with your end goal in mind. Our three levels of service are:

  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Reviewed Financial Statements
  • Compiled Financial Statements

DS+B provides a connected, proactive and accessible team to streamline your accounting, tax and business advisory needs. Your accounting and audit engagement team is selected to include experts who know your industry language, and when necessary include specialists in tax, strategic planning, valuation and many other essential functions. The end result for you is a complete, clear picture of your business or organization’s financial performance with advisors to help you look ahead, not just to the past.


Audit Services + Solutions for Your Business

What Are the Differences Between an Audit, Review and a Compilation?

Our job even before we begin looking at the numbers is to understand what level of service is right for our clients and their expected outcomes. There are three levels of service that essentially pair the scope of the work needed to have confidence in your numbers within a cost-effective engagement.

Do I Need a Financial Audit?

In many cases, a certified financial audit is simply required to satisfy bank loans, franchise agreements, financial investors or purchase due diligence by an outside party. But besides situations where it is necessary, what are the benefits of audited financial statements?

Understand Risk with Agreed-Upon Procedures

Need help quantifying and documenting specific information about your business, such as: inventory, financials, operations, accounts, data and other key functions? Our auditors are perfect for the job. The end result for you is a clear and objective review of business risk, as well as solutions to help you address your most important areas.

Business Records Retention Schedule

“How long should I keep my business records and financial documents?” is a common question from entrepreneurs and established business owners alike. Even in the digital, cloud-based era we live in today, it is still a good idea to follow the ‘better safe than sorry’ approach for information storage. The following Business Records Retention Schedule has been developed … Continued