There is complexity in any business, but perhaps none more so than in a family owned business. The finances of the business, owners, employees and other shareholders can all be intertwined. Compensation, decision-making and priorities can all be impacted by the structure of the family. However, the rewards can be the highest with a family owned business as well – providing not just an income today but also a legacy and financial security for multiple generations.

DS+B provides a connected, proactive and accessible team to streamline your accounting, tax and business advisory needs – so you can spend more time focused on growing and strengthening your business. We bring industry expertise and 60+ years of proven experience with multi-generation, family owned businesses.

Expertise and support for your family owned business:

Financial Reporting Confidence
Financial statement preparation to provide credibility and compliance for third-party financing.
Improve Cash Flow
Provide insight on cash flow patterns, inventory management and operations.
Provide Clarity for Key Decisions
Help you to create financial reports, forecasts, and budgets to uncover new paths to increased profitability.

Maximize Tax Credits and Incentives
Review your property and equipment purchase/leasing strategies with potential tax credits or incentives available.
Professional and Industry Networks
Utilize our extensive network of business relationships and industry expertise to accelerate your growth.
Compare and Compete
Benchmark your business KPIs against your industry averages to look for untapped opportunities for financial improvement.
Business and Individual Tax Planning
Business structure analysis and individual tax planning to find the right fit for your unique family business and personal situation.
Outsourced Professionals
Interim CFO, controller and outsourced accounting services when/how you need them.
Reduce Risk
Address potential fraud risk by establishing agreed-upon procedures to help keep an objective eye on your business.
Guidance for Growth
Strategic business planning, education and innovative approaches so you can capitalize on opportunities.
Plan for the Future
Prepare your leaders of tomorrow with succession planning to reduce risk and maximize the value of your business.
Streamlined and Efficient Accounting
Streamline your accounting, audit and tax services to reduce time, complexity and expense while at the same time you gain a team of objective, trusted business advisors ready when you need them for big decisions.