Starting a business venture or stepping out on your own is equal parts opportunity, initiative and risk. In the early stages, every dollar counts. Cash flow is critical. Your attention is pulled in a new direction each day. Relying on your accounting software alone to give you all the financial performance insight you need can lead to missed opportunities or even costly mistakes.

DS+B can provide you a connected, proactive and accessible team – tailored to exactly the services you need, when you need it. We bring 60+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs, and can provide you timely solutions that keep your business dream headed in the right direction.


Expertise For Business Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs:

Financial Reporting Confidence
Financial statement preparation to provide credibility and compliance for third-party financing.
Accounting System Design
Advice and implementation to find cost-effective bookkeeping and financial management right for your needs.
Provide Clarity for Key Decisions
Help you to create financial reports, forecasts, and budgets that keep you on track.
Professional and Industry Networks
Utilize our extensive network of business relationships and industry expertise to accelerate your growth.
Compare Your Numbers
Help you build your financial KPIs (key performance indicators) to compare with relevant industry benchmarks so you can quickly identify whether your cash flow, profit or growth is inline or needs to be addressed.
Business and Individual Tax Planning
Business structure analysis and individual tax planning to find the right fit for your unique situation.
Maximize Tax Credits and Incentives
Review your property and equipment purchase/leasing strategies with potential tax credits or incentives available.
Outsourced Professionals
Interim CFO, controller and outsourced accounting services when/how you need them.
Guidance for Start-Ups
Strategic business planning, education and innovative approaches so you can capitalize on your vision.
Streamlined and Efficient Accounting
Streamline your accounting, audit and tax services to reduce time, complexity and expense while at the same time you gain a team of objective, trusted business advisors ready when you need them for big decisions.