The security of your sensitive information is very important at DS+B. It is also important that you have a way to send us important financial and other documents conveniently. Through our Client Portal, you can access and transfer files from your computer or mobile device. The Client Portal is a web-based application that allows for the encrypted transmission and storage of your electronic financial documents and other important files.

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Benefits :

  • 24/7 Access to your important financial documents
  • Safe, secure file exchange of confidential information
  • Conveniently stores two years worth of complete documents (no need for paper files)
  • Easy method to forward financial documents to third parties
  • You control which parties have full or limited access
  • Eliminates lost, delayed or potentially vulnerable data sent by mail or email

2-Step Verification Steps | First Time Users or Infrequent Users (>90 days)

2-step verification is a cyber-security best practice strongly recommended by the FTC, IRS and the AICPA, among other organizations. You may already be using similar processes for your banks, email and other online accounts. Steps:

  • Using the email address or phone number(s) on file, the user will choose to receive a one-time passcode via email, SMS text message, or by a voice call.
  • Users will be required to enter the correct one-time passcode in the CCH Client Axcess interface.
  • Users will go through this verification process:
    • Every time, if they do not check ‘Remember this device
    • When logging in from a new device, or from a new web browser on a registered/trusted device
    • When going through the Forgot Password process to reset their password
    • When logging in more than 90 days after their last verification

Video Demonstration | 2-Step Verification Steps

Questions :
If you are having trouble accessing the Client Portal or have other questions, contact Jim Stern by email at or direct at 612-630-5060. DS+B will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.