For almost every business, cash-flow analysis is the single most important financial assessment. Depending on the seasonality or lead-time involved in fulfilling an order and realizing payment, your cash flow can be critical to survival. Not having adequate funds in reserve can also hold you back from opportunities to grow the business or act when/how you want to.

Having an objective financial partner who can help you with these reports, calculations, and ultimately talk you through options can make a big difference in how well you sleep at night. DS+B CPAs and business advisors have the expertise that makes setting up the reports that give you this insight easy and straight-forward. Plus, we can discuss trade-offs or scenarios with you that provide you financial management improvement strategies. When we help you crunch the numbers, you gain insight to make key decisions in less time.

Benefits of a cash flow analysis:
  • Project your cash position timely and accurately to avoid surprises.
  • Evaluate opportunities to reschedule payables and receivables to better cover your operations.
  • Minimize interest expenses by borrowing only the right amount at the right time
  • Invest idle cash within the business or expand into new opportunities
  • Investors, analysts, shareholders and lenders will view the business more favorably. This can increase the value of the business as well as potentially lower your perceived risk/interest in lending.
  • Make smarter decisions by timing purchases to when you have cash on hand, reducing your dependency on short-term loans with interest expenses. Also, this can free up your time involved in the process of borrowing itself.

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Making cash flow projections and computing cash flow statements can be confusing if you have never managed these types of finances before. That’s where we come in. Our CPAs and advisors have the experience and know-how to help you set-up, understand and use this tool to make better business decisions. Contact us today to find out how DS+B can help your business or organization get a grip on your cash flow.