Delivering value by clarifying complex issues

What is my business worth? A straight-forward question that can have a complex answer. To maximize the value of your business prior to its sale, or make an informed decision about purchasing a business, you need an accredited, experienced team that will help educate you about all your options. DS+B, with valuation credentialed professionals, is ready to discuss your goals and the transaction process in mind.

A certified business valuation can add clarity and help you objectively understand the fair market value of the business. In other cases, valuation consulting can give you the insight to plan for a future sale without the expense of a full valuation opinion. Our goal is to apply the appropriate level of service and due diligence with your outcome in mind. Contact us to learn more about how our expertise in valuations can help you make informed decisions.

Business valuation and consulting services, including:
  • Certified valuation of entire businesses, joint-ventures, divestures or spin-offs
  • Valuation for eminent domain
  • Valuation consulting
  • Purchase Price Allocations
  • Goodwill + intangible assets
  • Gift and estate tax planning, compliance
  • Incentive compensation valuations
  • Shareholder planning/ buy-sell agreements
  • Corporate restructuring/ business restructuring
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan valuation (ESOP)
  • Regulatory issues
  • Mergers + Acquisition pricing analysis
  • Insurance matters
  • Damages + lost profits
  • Charitable contributions

Valuation for Financial Reporting | Resource Center

Resources and Templates for CFOs, CAOs and Controllers

This resource center includes related articles and free templates that are created to assist CFOs, CAOs, and Controllers with understanding the fair value requirements of U.S. GAAP. This site provides high level assistance for those unfamiliar with the current valuation standards or looking for a refresher. Click here for more info.