As your business grows, it often becomes necessary to hand off certain aspects of financial management to an experienced professional or team. However, hiring staff part-time or full-time may not be the best option. Or, you may need time to find or replace the ideal member of your management team.

Pay only for what you need, when you need it

DS+B can be your go-to resource in these situations by customizing a cost-effective solution for professional financial management – whether you need a bookkeeper, controller or CFO level expertise. Our approach, set to fit your budget, will give you back time to focus on running other parts of your business with fewer surprises. We can set up fixed-fee engagements that have specific services and terms in place.

Integrate our team with yours

DS+B can provide you expertise at levels above what you normally find on a temporary basis or from interim temp agencies. As such, we can help improve the accounting and financial management of your company or organization for the next person you hire. Upon transition, we will get them up-to-speed and can continue to support you with independent accounting, tax and business advisory services.

Timely + Efficient Solutions for Your Business

Outsourced Accounting | Bookkeeping

As your business grows, you need qualified bookkeepers to handle your accounting needs. However, hiring staff part-time or full-time may not be the best option if you lack the time to properly train them in. Temp or staffing agencies can help fill a gap but are only a temporary solution. DS+B offers the best of both worlds - an outsourced team that syncs with your business, while giving you back time to run your business.

+Pay | Online Bill Payment + Invoice Management

+Pay is a complete workflow solution to simplify and streamline each step in your accounts payable process. In addition, DS+B provides you with ongoing guidance to help you better manage your cash flow. We combine the convenience of online bill pay with the added service and support from our accessible team of CPAs.

Accounting Software + Technology Consulting

With the right technology and ongoing support, your business accounting can be both fast, and secure. The need for timely, accurate reporting to make business decisions is crucial. DS+B can assist you in selecting the right accounting software, implementation, report building, training and networking related services.