If you’re starting a new business, expanding your current operations, analyzing options for an acquisition, thinking of downsizing to save costs, or approaching lenders, each of these situations carry significant risk. Having a trusted advisor who can help you with these reports, calculations, and ultimately talk you through options can make all the difference.

Determining your break-even point is an important step to profitability. And while the calculation is simple and straight-forward, our CPAs and advisors have expertise that makes setting up the reports that give you this insight a breeze. Plus, we can discuss trade-offs or scenarios with you that provide you financial management improvement strategies. We help you crunch the numbers; you gain insight to make key decisions in less time.

Benefits of a break-even analysis:
  • Create budgets and explore forecasts under difference scenarios.
  • Help you determine at what point of sales volume it is likely to show a profitable return.
  • Know what the minimum sales volume is required for you to avoid a monthly loss.
  • Review pricing strategies. How do you compare? Are you at a competitive advantage?
  • Schedule inventory levels appropriately to maximize cash flow
  • Set the optimum price for your goods or services
  • Set your target profit levels based on accurate account of fixed and variable costs.
A break-even analysis is a useful tool for any business to understand. Our team of professionals can provide comprehensive accounting, tax and advisory services that help you start or grow your business.Contact us today