Your organization may not need a full audit, but there is value in testing your business records, policies and physical inventory with an objective, tailored and cost-effective process that provides you peace-of-mind. Our team works with you to address the questions you have with a straight-forward approach. DS+B can provide you a number of agreed-up procedures that quantify and document specific information about your business, such as: inventory, financials, operations, accounts, data and other key functions.

DS+B has experience and expertise providing management teams answers to these questions with minimal disruption to the day-to-day activities.

Customized agreed-upon procedures that can help you achieve a specific outcome:
  • Cash balance verification.
  • Compliance within specified terms of an agreement.
  • Confirm that your IT infrastructure is certified and vital information is secure.
  • Due diligence in evaluating merger + acquisition targets.
  • Maximize supply chain efficiency and test whether your receivables are paid on time.
  • Show a bank or potential investor that your inventory/receivables are valued accurately.
  • Verify your business is compliant with government regulations on issues such as workplace safety, healthcare, etc
  • And more…