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The IRS answers 24 common tax filing and payment questions.

DS+B Team March 25, 2020

Although the IRS has scaled back operations to focus on mission-critical activities, it announced that staff are assessing needs on a daily basis and providing updates of interest to taxpayers and tax professionals.

In a recent update, they urged taxpayers and tax professionals to use automated tools and apps as much as possible because phone wait times and postal correspondence delays are increasing significantly due to limited staffing. They also reminded taxpayers that all in-person appointments at Taxpayer Assistance Centers nationwide are canceled until further notice. Taxpayers do not need to cancel their appointments.

On a new resource page, refund filers are advised to file as soon as they can via e-file and to use the direct deposit option for refunds. For taxpayers who:

  • Owe taxes;
  • Have not filed a previous year’s return;
  • Wish to access payroll tax credits, or
  • Have tax compliance, litigation, appeals or other matters pending, visit this IRS resource page:

Mission-Critical IRS Resource Page

Common Taxpayer Questions – COVID-19 Extensions

To assist taxpayers with answering common questions, the IRS has set up a new tax FAQs page, which will be updated regularly with new information. There are 24 common questions already available.


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