Take Action Where You Have the Most to Gain

Topic + Discussion Summary

Now that you have the tools, learn where to implement them to unlock opportunity for growth in your medical practice. In session one, you learned how to create a custom roadmap. In session two, tactical methods to capture hidden profit and improve efficiency were developed. In session three, you were given practical training into using business intelligence to extract the data you need to make decisions and course corrections.

In session four, Gary Cavett, Libby Hornibrook and Annette Doebler of DS+B will demonstrate how you use all of this to identify your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and isolate which areas are your top priority for continued and systematic improvement. By comparing your data with appropriate industry benchmarks, you can uncover which areas have the most benefit to gain and then implement your specific plan of action. The end result will be a set of improvement strategies, based on your KPIs, to increase revenues, minimize costs and develop operational efficiencies in your medical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) specific to your medical practice.
  • Using comparative data, you can determine how you stack up to other medical practices and industry benchmarks.
  • Isolate the top areas in your operations to target where you have the most to gain.
  • Develop budgets, projections and plans that you can communicate to your management team that will make the most difference.
  • Take action to increase revenues, minimize expenses and develop operational efficiencies.

Keynote Speakers

Gary Cavett, CPA - Minneapolis CPA

Gary Cavett, CPA
DS+B CPAs + Business Advisors | Minneapolis

With 35+ years of experience in healthcare management consulting, Gary Cavett has dedicated his professional career to help medical practices address three key business areas: increasing revenues, minimizing expenses and developing operational efficiencies.

Libby Hornibrook, CPA
Healthcare Practice Group Leader | DS+B

Libby leads the specialized team of DS+B professionals in providing assurance, tax, management advisory services, business organization, long-term business planning, corporate and individual tax matters, acquisition and business valuation advice, financing, and developing cash flow models. Her insight, excellent quality of work and team management record is highly-praised by each of our medical practice clients.

Annette Doebler
Healthcare Manager | DS+B

With 18+ years of professional experience in operations and accounting for medical practice groups, Annette Doebler has an adept perspective on the intersection between shareholders, key medical staff and the financial data. Throughout her professional work and advancement in the field of healthcare management, Annette uses her communication and collaboration skills to explain complex financial reporting.

In addition to providing accounting, tax and advisory services to medical practices across the country, the DS+B healthcare team expertise includes developing medical practice analysis software, writing articles for healthcare publications and presenting at regional and national MGMA conferences.


Networking Reception

Following the group panel discussion, all attendees are invited to a networking reception right outside the conference. Here is your chance to ask one-on-one questions of the panelists or discuss in small groups and make new connections. Build up your network of contacts and other like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off or learn from their past experience.

There will complimentary hors d’oeurves and a host bar with wine, beer, premium spirits and assorted soft drinks available.