Healthcare + Physicians Executives, physicians, administrators and hospital-based groups have a lot of concerns that fall outside the realm of patient care. Issues such as: managing staff, planning for the future, complying with ever-changing and complex government regulations, increasing revenue streams, minimizing expenses, developing operational efficiency, the list goes on. And just like their patients, healthcare leaders and shareholders need the reliable advice of specialized professionals to make critical decisions.

Going Beyond Typical Accounting + Tax Services:

Guidance for Growth
Strategic business planning, education and innovative approaches for growth or expansion.
Timely + Accurate Financial Reporting
Improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial reporting, so you can focus on other aspects of your business with confidence.
Risk + Compliance Review
Experienced accounting professionals to help you mitigate risks – explained in plain English.
Proactive Business Tax Planning
Ongoing discussions and detailed review of your business, property and equipment strategies with potential tax credits or incentives in mind.
Provide Clarity for Key Decisions
Develop financial forecasts, budgets and KPI dashboards so you can make better decisions.
Valuation + Due Diligence
Guidance, resources, and valuation services to assist with mergers and acquisitions.
Improve Cash Flow + Operations
Provide insight on cash flow patterns, inventory, financial management and operations.
Professional + Industry Networks
Utilize our extensive network of business relationships and industry expertise to accelerate your growth.
Outsourced Professionals
Interim CFO, controller, outsourced accounting services when/how you need them.
Employee Benefit Plan Services
Expertise to keep plans in compliance and designed effectively to maximize their impact on attracting and retaining key personnel.
Plan for the Future
Succession planning to prepare your leaders of tomorrow and maximize business value.
Wealth Management
Personalized tax planning, retirement planning, investments and insurance services to grow and protect earned wealth for generations.

Professional Networks + Connections

DS+B is a Gold Sponsor of the Minnesota Medical Group Management Association (MMGMA) which serves its membership by advocating with the legislative and regulatory bodies to advance the concept of group practice with the health delivery system. This is accomplished by promoting and delivering the physician/administrative team approach to health care and medical group management.

The National CPA Health Care Advisors Association (HCAA) is a nationwide network of CPA firms devoted to serving the health care industry. Members are selected for their experience and ability to provide proactive solutions to the accounting needs of physicians, physician groups and dentists. HCAA members distinguish themselves by providing practice management and consulting services in addition to traditional accounting, tax and auditing services.

Learn More About Our Solutions + Services For:

Medical Practice KPI Dashboards

Leverage our experience and expertise in designing KPI Dashboards that make complex data about your practice readily accessible. We guide you through all phases of design, linking your software, testing and usage training so your KPI reports are fast, accurate and easy to understand. Learn more about how we can help you create powerful new conversations for better strategic planning and financial management.

Revenue Opportunity Roadmap

Revenue cycle management starts out simple enough: Collect enough money from the payers for the services patients receive to cover costs, and still create enough profit to compensate the providers. But it doesn’t answer the question: How do we increase profit? We think there is a different way to approach this challenge: create a customized plan for increasing profit, using proven modeling to identify the most critical and most overlooked opportunities in your revenue cycle.

Physician Compensation Plan Design + Consulting

How you pay your physicians defines the physicians you retain. For your plan to be successful, it must reflect your goals for the practice, be supported and understood by your physicians, and remain financially viable for years to come. Learn more about how our team can help you not only design, but align your physician compensation strategy with your organization’s vision.

Healthcare Management Consulting

To survive today’s healthcare challenges, your management is looking to optimize every aspect of its medical practice. Cutting costs can help your bottom line but can also negatively impact the ability to provide care or generate revenue. DS+B healthcare consultants and specialists can help you develop a harmonious relationship between maximizing revenues, minimizing expenses and improving operational efficiency.

Independent Medical Practices

DS+B provides a connected, proactive and accessible team to streamline your accounting, tax, financial reporting and business advisory needs – so you can spend more time focused on the health of your patients. Our healthcare-focused CPAs and professionals are experienced in helping medical practice leaders nationwide improve financial performance, remain profitable and remain independent.

Dental Practices

Improving the health of your patients and helping them smile confidently is your top priority. Supporting your business and improving its financial health is ours. Building and maintaining a high-performing dental practice is not a single event, but rather the culmination of good habits practiced consistently.

Physicians + Physician Groups

Your goal is to provide the highest quality care possible – an endeavor that requires all your resources and attention to achieve in the complex healthcare environment. Medical billing, practice management, operational strategies, payer contract analysis and personal financial planning are some of the toughest and most time-consuming issues to solve alone. With our help, you can create a financially strong future tailored specifically for you, your practice and your family.