Develop a Medical Practice Roadmap to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Topic + Discussion Summary

How often have we heard someone say something like “we’ve been doing it that way for 20 years . . .”? The truth is, we too often depend upon traditions, emotions and shareholder politics to make critically important business and management decisions for which we will likely stand accountable in the future. And while no system is perfect, the use of evidence in the form of data and statistics can significantly increase the probability that our management decisions will turn out well.

Evidence based management (EBM) is a global management concept that employs practical applications such as process mapping, cause and effect analyses, deployment platforms, critical thinking and decision theory. In this session, Frank Cohen will take you on a journey that will likely change the way you do business in the future

Attendees will receive a complete tool box, including documentation, worksheets, templates, sample reports and all pertinent collateral material necessary to understanding EBM and how they can create a better environment where all leaders can trust and embrace the best ideas to improve their medical practice.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the global concept of EBM
  • Learn about EBM components and how they contribute to the whole
  • Understand the difference between simple and complex systems
  • See the importance of decision theory within the EBM environment
  • Create EBM models for any business
  • Applications for EBM the medical practice to create your roadmap and thrive!

Keynote Speaker

Frank Cohen - Minneapolis CPA Firm

Frank Cohen, MPA, MBB
DoctorsManagement | Knoxville TN

Recognized as one of the top speakers and trainers in the healthcare industry, Frank Cohen is a frequent MGMA presenter and expert in all aspects of practice analytics, process improvement and evidence-based management.

Frank’s area of expertise is in providing meaningful assistance to healthcare organizations in the areas of process improvement, compliance, quality and profitability.  His clients range from solo docs to practices with over 1,000 physicians, academic medical centers, cancer clinics and national associations such as MGMA and AMA. He has worked with physicians and practices in nearly 60 different specialties and in every state.

Panel Discussion

Following his keynote presentation, Frank will join medical practice administrators and other specialist providers for a free flowing panel discussion. Audience members are encouraged to ask their questions and offer their experiences/challenges as well in this interactive discussion.

Panelists will be selected based on the topic to include medical practice CEOs, CFOs, Administrators or other shareholders within the management team. The panel will also feature experts and specialists who serve the medical practice industry and advise on areas such as operations, finances and/or compliance.

Networking Reception

Following the group panel discussion, all attendees are invited to a networking reception right outside the conference. Here is your chance to ask one-on-one questions of the panelists or discuss in small groups and make new connections. Build up your network of contacts and other like-minded professionals to bounce ideas off or learn from their past experience.

There will complimentary hors d’oeurves and a host bar with wine, beer, premium spirits and assorted soft drinks available.