Business Owners + Entrepreneurs Defining the right strategy for profit and growth is a challenge that every business shares. But it is not a challenge that you and your management team have to face alone. When you align with our team of CPAs and business advisors, you tap into technical expertise, connections and practical tools for your business growth.

Going Beyond Typical Accounting + Tax Services:

Guidance for Growth
Strategic business planning, education and innovative approaches for growth or expansion.
Timely + Accurate Financial Reporting
Improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial reporting, so you can focus on other aspects of your business with confidence.
Risk + Compliance Review
Experienced accounting professionals to help you mitigate risks – explained in plain English.
Proactive Business Tax Planning
Ongoing discussions and detailed review of your business, property and equipment strategies with potential tax credits or incentives in mind.
Provide Clarity for Key Decisions
Develop financial forecasts, budgets and KPI dashboards so you can make better decisions.
Valuation + Due Diligence
Guidance, resources, and valuation services to assist with mergers and acquisitions.
Improve Cash Flow + Operations
Provide insight on cash flow patterns, inventory, financial management and operations.
Professional + Industry Networks
Utilize our extensive network of business relationships and industry expertise to accelerate your growth.
Outsourced Professionals
Interim CFO, controller, outsourced accounting services when/how you need them.
Employee Benefit Plan Services
Expertise to keep plans in compliance and designed effectively to maximize their impact on attracting and retaining key personnel.
Plan for the Future
Succession planning to prepare your leaders of tomorrow and maximize business value.
Wealth Management
Personalized tax planning, retirement planning, investments and insurance services to grow and protect earned wealth for generations.

Learn More About Our Solutions + Services For:

Established + Growing Businesses

Maintaining and growing your established, privately held business is no easy feat – even with years of success in the marketplace behind you. Companies and their management teams confront daily challenges that impact the bottom line. As small to medium sized businesses grow or change, their respective needs change. DS+B provides a connected, proactive and accessible team to streamline your accounting, tax and business growth needs - and help you take your business to the next level.

Family Owned Businesses

There is complexity in any business, but perhaps none more so than in a family owned business. The finances of the business, owners, employees and other shareholders can all be intertwined. Compensation, decision-making and priorities can all be impacted by the structure of the family. However, with the right CPA and advisory team at your side, the rewards can be the highest with a family owned business as well - providing not just an income today but also a legacy and financial security for multiple generations.

Entrepreneurs + Start Ups

Starting a business venture is equal parts opportunity, initiative and risk. In the early stages, every dollar counts. Cash flow is critical. Your attention is pulled in a new direction each day. Relying on your accounting software alone to give you all the financial performance insight you need can lead to missed opportunities or even costly mistakes. DS+B can provide you a connected, proactive and accessible team – tailored to exactly the services you need, when you need them – to keep your business dream headed in the right direction.

B2B / Professional Services

Managing a professional services firm requires more than titles and credentials on your business card. Excellent service is important – but how does it affect the bottom line? How does your billable hour rate and realization compare with the industry you serve? When you’re burning up hours on a huge project, do you have a handle on cash flow until the billing is done? With these, and many other questions, you need financial insight and accounting support to keep your operations running smoothly.