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Connected + Proactive + Accessible ® CPAs


When you consider an accounting firm to partner with for your business, we understand your needs go beyond filing deadlines and technical expertise. You need insight, continuous improvement and a relationship that grows with you. 


Our team of CPAs and business advisors help you reach your financial goals by being connected, proactive and accessible …



Connections are the glue that builds lasting relationships. It’s about providing you ongoing guidance that comes from an in-depth understanding of your business direction and financial goals. So when you step into DS+B, you’ll quickly learn that we consider connecting with our clients to be more than getting together once a quarter to talk shop.


To us, it means being personally vested in your long-term success as well as the people around you. When we align, you tap into an extensive network of business relationships and industry expertise to accelerate your business growth.



Proactive service is more than just suggestions and recommendations from a CPA, advisor or consultant – it’s an educational experience that provides you with tools, knowledge and support. We help you improve the timeliness and accuracy of your financial reporting, so you can focus on other aspects of your business with confidence.


Through ongoing communication with you, we filter the relevant information you need to navigate potential threats and head off issues before they become disruptions. Or, work with you to uncover and capitalize on new opportunities.



Accessible is about being ready, being prepared. To have responsive professionals with you at every step, requests are returned within 24 hours or less. Every time. We rally to collaborate with you, bringing diverse perspectives to the table so you understand the financial outcomes of each big decision. It’s about an accounting firm that gives you access to an International alliance of resources to reduce the complexity of doing business outside your state or country.


Let’s discuss how DS+B can provide the accounting, tax and financial management guidance to achieve your financial goals.Contact us today