Members of the DS+B Healthcare team  (Libby Hornibrook, Gary Cavett + Annette Dunn) are attending the Medical Group Management Association Annual Conference in Nashville this week. Per the MGMA website, Here are five inspirational quotes from MGMA15 speakers:


“Your competitors are lazier than you think.” – Jeremy Gutsche, founder, chief trend hunter and chief executive officer,, who gave a keynote presentation last night. Read more about Gutsche’s perspective on what hinders success.

“Doctors and administrators, it’s time we got as good at fighting for our dollars as insurance companies are at fighting for theirs.”–  Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, FAAP, CMPE, president  and chief executive officer, MGMA, urges MGMA15 attendees to reclaim the power of their businesses.

“If we want to create the healthcare system we want to see it’s time we stop whining and start leading.” –  Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, FAAP, CMPE, president and chief executive officer, MGMA. At the MGMA15 opening session last night, Fischer-Wright discussed “what the heck” concepts in healthcare (i.e., requiring patients to fill out multiple forms of the same information).

“The janitor might have the next great idea for healthcare. Are we talking to the janitor?” – Attendees at yesterday’s MGMA15 Innovation Summit discussed ways to get different people at the table to make change in healthcare.

“Teams of clinicians of MDs and admins and managers – teams – delivery far better results than individuals. It’s pit crews that we need for our patients.” –  Atule Gwande, MD, MPH, professor, Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School, in his MGMA 2015 Annual Conference keynote presentation.