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DS+B is a member of the Minnesota Grocer’s Association. For several years, Paul Simons and Jen Verly have attended the MGA Industry Connects Luncheon series. Past forum leaders and presenters have included Presidents and CEOs from the top independent grocers in the region discussing business challenges, strategies and the industry environment.

The Minnesota Grocers Association advances the common interest of all businesses engaged in any aspect of the food industry as a leader and advocate in government affairs, as a proactive spokes group on industry and consumer issues, and as a consistent provider of resources and services to meet member needs.

About the Minnesota Grocers Association

MGA is a non-profit trade association founded to advance the common interests of all those involved in the food industry-supermarkets, superstores, convenience stores, food wholesalers, and food manufacturers and brokers. Over 300 businesses representing 1200 retail food stores as well as nearly 150 related businesses representing wholesalers, food manufacturers and brokers are members of the Minnesota Grocers Association.

MGA is governed by a Board of Directors representing the diversity of its membership. Both large and small independent retailers as well as chain stores, wholesalers, and food manufacturers are represented on the Board. Entrepreneurs from eight different regions of the state bring regional concerns to the Board. The Board sets policy and strategic direction and is responsible for the financial oversight of the organization. More information can be found at: