(Minneapolis, MN) — Libby Hornibrook, Healthcare Principal, started her tenure as the BKR Healthcare Group Chair in January 2016, during the annual two-day conference which was held in Orlando, Florida. The BKR Medical Practices and Healthcare Practice Group’s mission is to share ideas and assist each other when working with clients in the health care industry. The practice group holds an annual two-day conference, which includes healthcare speakers and brainstorming sessions. The practice group also shares healthcare publications, assists each other with projects, statistics, and templates, and is available to offer practice management and advisory services to all BKR firms.


Remaining Independent is a Key Industry Challenge for Medical Practice Leaders, but Clinics and Their Advisory Firms Are Working Together to Adapt Effective Strategies:

The DS+B healthcare team of Libby Hornibrook, Gary Cavett and Annette Doebler gave a series of presentations for best practices and insights in medical practice management, during the BKR Healthcare Group Meeting. The presentation and discussion topics included:

  • “Integrated Delivery Systems.”  Gary predicted that there will be a shortage of doctors in the near future, because many young doctors do not want to work as many hours as older doctors work. He stated that younger doctors are more focused on work/life balance.
  • “Key Performance Indicators  ̶  What You Need to Know for Best Practices.”
  • “Physician Compensation Plans and Reasonable Compensation  ̶  What Works and What Doesn’t.”

Afterward, Guest Speaker Marni Jameson from the Association of Independent Doctors (AID), located in Winter Park, Florida, discussed “Fighting for Independence: How to Help Independent Doctors Stay That Way.”  Marni reported that hospitals are buying medical practices and turning independent doctors into hospital employees.  As a result, costs increase, the quality of care decreases, jobs are lost, and doctors are less satisfied.  Marni’s organization believes that doctors should remain independent.  She is trying to make changes in this area, including raising awareness and educating insurance providers, patients, and government representatives about the downside of doctors becoming hospital employees.  AID’s annual membership fee is $500 per doctor.

The final presentation was given by attorney Joseph Rugg from Allen Dell Attorneys at Law in Tampa, Florida.  Joe’s presentation, entitled, “Hot Topics in Health Care Law,” included physician/hospital integration/alignment, physician practice issues, venture capital/non-healthcare investors in health care, and questionable practices.


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For more information on these presentations or to speak with our team, contact Libby Hornibrook, Healthcare Principal.