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Connections are the glue that builds lasting and successful business relationships. It’s about providing you ongoing guidance that comes from an in-depth understanding of your direction and financial goals. To us, a proactive approach means more than making suggestions. It’s about ongoing communication, timeliness, accuracy and an educational experience that provides you with tools, knowledge and support to drive profitable growth. It’s about a team of accessible professionals and CPAs ready to help you understand the financial outcomes of big decisions or mobilize for opportunities. Learn More

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Healthcare Management Educational Series – Registration Now Open

HMES is a series of educational events designed to blend financial, operational and compliance guidance to clarify complex issues and accelerate growth in your medical practice. Featuring nationally-recognized presenters, local expert panelists and interactive discussions for CEOs, CFOs, Administrators and physician shareholders.

Accounting for Goodwill and Intangible Assets Just Got Easier

FASB approved new accounting alternatives for goodwill and intangible assets that can be elected by most privately held businesses. This article highlights (1) some of the changes allowed under the accounting alternatives, (2) areas in which companies may find cost savings, and (3) some of the potential issues with electing the alternatives.

Expertise Spotlight

Manufacturing Accounting - MInneapolis CPA


Maximizing profit and opportunity begins with assembling the right team of experienced advisors who understand the manufacturing business.

Medical Accounting - Minneapolis CPA

Medical Practices

Just like their patients, healthcare leaders, administrators and shareholders need the reliable advice of specialized professionals to make important decisions.

Franchise Retail Accounting - Minneapolis CPA Firm

Franchises / QSRs

Operating quick-service restaurant, retail or service businesses require accurate and timely financial reporting to comply with your franchise agreement, as well as provide insight for profitable growth.